Upcoming photo exhibition (July 2010, Magic Cafe, East Oxford)

Come and enjoy my first ever exhibition! Throughout July, some of my photos will be on display at the Magic Cafe in East Oxford. Ok, so it’s not a world-famous gallery, but it’s a start.

Despite being small and local, getting ready for this has nonetheless been a learning process. It’s amazing how many insecurities have surfaced as friends have critiqued my photos, expressing – with various degrees of tact – their wide-ranging likes and dislikes. Preparing an exhibition is both exciting and nerve-racking.

Why the nerves? Firstly, because I’m wondering if my photos are actually rubbish. Then I’ll look a bit silly, won’t I? Secondly, my photos are part of me, an insight into how I see and interact with the world. Putting them on display makes me feel just a little bit vulnerable.

Yet I suppose I’m hoping that my vulnerability will open deeper conversation, deeper connection, with you. Hoping that one or two of my photos will resonate with something central to your being. With your heart, your mind, your soul. That through them you’ll glimpse the intangible, catch your breath through a hint of beauty, and connect with the elusive eternal.

And if that’s a bit much to hope for, I hope at least that you’ll come and that you’ll simply enjoy the pictures as pictures. Something pretty on the walls is always good as you tuck into your delicious slice of veggie bake, your bowl of spicy lentil soup, or your square of carrot cake with your cup of tea.

The Magic Cafe  – July 2010 –  110 Magdalen Road Oxford OX4 1RQ  – Monday to Saturday, 9am-6pm


3 thoughts on “Upcoming photo exhibition (July 2010, Magic Cafe, East Oxford)

  1. They won’t be rubbish, they will be brilliant! I can’t wait to come and see them! Am v proud of you 🙂

  2. Hi Emily. I scanned through your site and read Jin’s cultural shock, frustrations and sobs. But the story ended well as the uncontainable joy of being found is actually a shared experience. That is how it is and that how it should be. We can chat about the live drawings over tea someday

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