A few little things that have brought joy to my week


Coming downstairs and finding a typically unexpected pot of food on the kitchen side with a note from one of my housemates: ‘Random Pakistani pudding (contains nuts). Please eat some!’


Bumping into a young African refugee who, in the three years I’ve known him, has changed from an insecure and anxious teenager into a confident young man with a warm, gentle smile and a brighter future.


Tucking my four year old godson into bed on Sunday evening and asking him what we were going to say thank you to God for. His reply: ‘You coming.’ The boy continues to go up and up in my estimation.


My new Trellick Tower cloth bag that takes me back to my North Kensington roots. It’s an iconic design and a beautifully quirky item which, of course, I’ll never actually be able to use in North Kensington itself – it’s far too poncy for that. But it does East Oxford nicely.





Youth group on Tuesday evening when Sam spent half an hour with an Afghani teenager who’s passionate about football, setting him up with a fantasy football team on the computer and chatting to him about his favourite team. Beautiful watching a young person opening up and being enthusiastic to someone who simply is taking the time to listen. And lovely watching a diverse team of volunteers playing to their strengths to get the best out of those around them.


My first Pimms of the season.






Sitting on Jenny’s kitchen floor after youth club talking about the Referendum and drinking her special chai tea. It’s special because it tastes good and is more expensive than regular tea. And it’s special because the tea bags have heartwarming fortune-cookie-esque quotes on them: ‘Life ends. Love never ends’. Heard that somewhere else before…

Discovering the entire first three series of The Apprentice free to watch online.






The glowing evening light in my attic bedroom casting long warm shadows across my wall and making funny silhouettes of all my little nic nacs that make me smile and remind me of other times and other places.



Friends who totally see through my ‘I’m fine thanks’ and make an effort to make sure I know they love me.


Thank you.


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