Inside fettered or inside free?

Sharing a song that I’m listening to at the moment. Ok, so lyrics are only the half of it, but hey, you can download the tune too if you’re so inclined.

I like how Miriam sees and articulates life. How she rides the ebb and flow of the now and not yet. Her bold vulnerability about hope among the question marks. And there’s something about this song in particular that I resonate with.

Had a funny chat last night with two of my housemates in which we discovered that while two of us will ponder and reflect on more or less anything that we’ve seen or heard or read, the other simply needs an occasional splurge about life and the rest of the time her mind is full of practical stuff and no deep reflection. I’m still not totally sure I believe her because I struggle to imagine not having this washing machine of a soul that churns thoughts like these round and round until some kind of freedom comes. Hmm. Interesting.

Holding Bay, Miriam Jones

I pray you out of this holding bay, pray you in to some kind of air
God only know why we hover here bleeding life down the drain of going nowhere
I sing my songs in the dining room, wring my heart with nobody there
You spin your soul with a coffee spoon typing tales ‘mid the music and the fanfare
Everybody needs a hearing and how we fight to gain the clearing

And sometimes we settle for watching bottles we dared to throw out to sea get washed ashore
And sometimes we have to be satisfied that in the loneliness there lies a sleeping meaning

You lose your heart in a shuffle play – shift the weight of waiting on whims
A sea of eyes on this sea you ride back and forth between the stillness and the mayhem
Sometimes I play feeling far away, lose my heart to what’s on their mind
I see their eyes and I’m compromised – feeling naked and nervous beneath the lights
Thoughts like these reminding me I’m inside fettered or inside free

Don’t worry, this fury that keeps you alienated is the way we pray for what may be –
the day we’re satiated
I love you will not be enough to lift up your courage always
What you’re speaking, life you think you’re leaking, comes overflowing some day


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