About me and my blog

Welcome to my blog.

I write because the process helps me to make sense of life and the issues I care about. But I also hope that the posts which emerge will both challenge and encourage those who read them.

A lover of travel with a longing for home, I currently live in London and am part of the team at Refugee Support Network, an organisation which aims to enable young people affected by crisis and displacement to access and progress in education. This leads to frequent blog posts about migration, international development, policy and practice, and the intersection of the global and the local.

Working with displaced people on the edges of an affluent society means that I often see my context through the eyes of outsiders. I think a lot about the coexistence of wealth and poverty, the ways in which multiple cultures work alongside and shape one another, and I get excited about building trust and community in a big city so that people can flourish.

I am committed to pursuing hope in a messed-up world and want my blog to be a place of celebrating what is good, redemptive and beautiful, however fleeting those moments are.  My faith shapes every aspect of my life but nevertheless comes under constant scrutiny on my blog as I seek to live in the light of unseen realities, with varying degrees of success along the way.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!

If you’re new to my blog or just passing through, check out my ‘must read posts’ page for an introduction to my blog’s different categories.


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3 thoughts on “About me and my blog

  1. Good to be reminded of a great R.S. Thomas poem, Emily! We visited Aberdaron on the Llyn Peninsula over the new year, where RS was a vicar – definitely worth a look. A beautiful part of the world – while at the same time a bit bleak and isolated.

    Really enjoyed reading your initial blog thoughts – and (of course) your photos. Will be watching this space…!

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