What I write about

Migration and Travel:
  Various aspects of life seen through the lens of migration. Posts range from my opinions about migration policy and the asylum system, to my own travels and more abstract thoughts about ‘home’, mobility and displacement etc.

Faith, Church and Theology:

  How my theological frame of reference works itself out on a daily basis as I live in the light of unseen realities. An account of the paradoxes of the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet’, my determined pursuit of hope, and the joys and challenges of being part of a global and local church.

Social Justice:
  All sorts of unsettling questions about the disparity of wealth and opportunity, both locally and globally, which arise from living in an affluent city, witnessing real poverty, and trying to work out what is fair and what is enough.

Community, Culture and Context:

  My inner anthropologist’s interest in observing particular places at particular times, and my attempts to find a niche within them. My fascination with the ways in which cultures and communities of people are formed, expressed and changed.

My Life:
  Miscellaneous stuff that I’m thinking about or experiencing which doesn’t obviously fit into the other categories. Moving house, getting older, online dating…

Books, Events and Reviews: My take on things I’ve read and events I’ve been to.

Here are a few pieces I’ve written in other places:



Breathe Network:

Refugee Support Network:

Stewardship 40acts challenge: Go local

Tearfund Rhythms: Flood victims: isn’t it time to bring overseas aid home?


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